Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Little Victories

Today I had a breakthrough and I thought it would be worth writing about. Not because I wanted to brag (well maybe a little) but because I wonder how many people have been in a similar situation.

Today was not the best day at work for me. I got knocked back for a job I really wanted (the second in recent weeks) and had some very difficult calls to handle. All I could think about was going home and eating a pizza. And some chocolate. And some cake. I just wanted to forget it all and lose myself in a tornado of sugar and saturated fat. It hit me with blinding clarity that *stands up* “I am Chrissy and I am an emotional eater”. I also had my gym kit in the car. I had two choices. I could go to Tesco, situated all too conveniently next to my workplace, or I could go to the circuits class down the road. I drove and turned into the junction for Tesco. I picked up a basket and filled it with salad, fruit, vegetables and some rather nice reduced sea bass (£2.60 for two fillets – get in!!) I even managed to walk past the brand new Krispy Kreme stand not once but twice! I packed my goodies into the car and drove up to the circuits class when I drowned in a tornado of my own sweat, tears and more sweat.

This whole thing got me thinking. We all have weaknesses, of course we do. We are human beings after all and shouldn’t ever make ourselves feel bad for having them. What we do have is control over how we deal with and that’s what defines us. Instead of hiding my frustration by burying it under junk food, I vented it at what was possibly the sweatiest exercise class I have ever been to. And y’know what, I feel fantastic for it!! Next time you are having a bad day, reach for your trainers rather than the takeaway menu. You just might love it...

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